Ordering ‘Second Chance Dog: A Love Story’

This the title of Jon Katz’ latest book, published last Tuesday. The theme – second chances, redemption, finding love – is deeply appealing so I ordered the book from Battenkill Books, a great small book store in Cambridge NY.

I’ve had the good fortune to browse and buy at Battenkill, which is Mr. Katz’ local bookstore – he lives just outside Cambridge. I deliberately chose to buy there because it’s a great bookstore, it’s a local business (not local to me, true, yet still local.

Called the store a sort time ago to place my order. Mr Katz and is wife Maria are signing all copies ordered at Battenkill. When asked how I wanted it signed I replied ‘However he wishes’ at which point the phone was handed to Jon Katz.

We chatted for a few minutes. He thanked me for ordering the book and doing so through a small bookstore. I never considered otherwise.

Can’t wait to read it.

Kendal and Achilles

Kendal and Achilles

Taken with the PlayBook.

Kendal was on the couch between us, and Achilles came over wanting ti join the party. Kenrdal had recently finished licking one of our hands, I am anthropomorphizing (which is silly yet diverting and amusing at times) but it looks like Kendal is licking his chops in victory, “Ha ha, I’m up on the couch and you aren’t, ha ha!”