Snowshoe II

Here are a few more photos from our Moore Habitat Management Area (MHMA) snowshoe outing.

MHMA has a variety of habitats including an experimental tallgrass prairie, upland forest, riparian river, and floodplain forest. The main reason I chose this place is that it was sheltered from the stiff southwest wind creating wind chills of around -20C. We spent all of our time exploring the floodplain forest.

It was easy to see why this is floodplain forest. During the January thaw, the water level was apparently several feet deep here, as Faye demonstrates.


The work of parasites made cool patterns in the trunk of this dead tree.


Neat framing.


Faye as we head back to the car.


I look forward to a return visit.

January fades . . .

January fades . . .

. . . into February, and winter continues. The five day forecast suggests MOTS – More Of The Same. Snow and cold (though not extreme cold similar to the two spells in January).

It’s a beautiful time of year, a trying time of year. At times I do think ‘Each day brings us one day closer to spring’ yet I choose to focus on the first two words in that thought. ‘Each day’ is its own entity, one to be appreciated to lived, and if it cannot be enjoyed, then at least accepted. I choose to not become sad, anxious, depressed, despondent about this long winter going on and on.

Snuggled in

Snuggled in

There are three dog beds on the living room floor – a large LL Bean canvas bed, a smaller foamy that Faye sometimes uses when she can’t sleep, and this oval bolster bed. Achilles hasn’t often used it so when we saw him curled up in it that made it worth a photo.