Weather – Interesting day or so ahead

Weather - Interesting day or so ahead

I’m a weather geek and enjoy surfing various forecast services. My primary soures are Environment Canada, The Weather Network, and the US National Weather Service. Intellicast and the Weather Underground provide useful information. I ignore The Weather Channel – too much breathless hype for me. I review the available forecast packages then make an educated guess at what will happen.

Today we had some sun and it warmed up to about 4 degrees, which melted some of the snowpack. Tomorrow morning we have a chance at snow and/or freezing drizzle which will make for an interesting drive. Dropping Stella at the vet for some dental cleaning, she’s lost five pounds over several months and about 1 1/2 since her last visit a month ago. Her standard weight is about 35 or 36 so it’s concerning.

Tomorrow afternoon and evening we could see heavy rain, possibly an inch or more. That’s a lot of rain to fall on our ten inches or so of snow. We might get a rumble of thunder. Then a cold front sweeps through during Thursday night bringing colder temperatures and winds possibly gusting to 80 kilometers per hour (around 50 mph). May our and our neighbours’ trees stay where and as they are.

I’m not Panicky or Freaking Out, weather like this is a part of life and of living in this part of the world. It’s good to be knowledgeable and prepared.



In June 2010 I had occasion to visit Estes Park CO with family. We stayed in a rental house in town. I learned that it wasn’t unheard of for elk to saunter through town. One day this elk wandered into the rental’s yard. After saying a few choice phrases I grabbed my camera and began snapping away. This beautiful animal was perhaps 50 feet away from me, I was astounded to see how this powerful, graceful, regal animal stood still for a minute or so, almost consciously posing while I photographed it. I was also quite cognizant that something could disturb it, sending it running in any direction including mine. Never saw one before and may never see one again. It was an almost magical experience and one I vividly remember.