Stella – vet follow-up

Stella - vet follow-up

I dropped Stella at the vet yesterday for dental cleaning. She was clearly displeased at being left there, trying to drag the vet tech out the door in pursuit of me.

A full blood panel and urinalysis were done before the procedure because she is a senior, almost eleven, and because of her weight loss from 35 lbs to 31.

The vet called to say that the bloodwork was fine, nothing to report. However sugar crystals were found in her urine. This was interesting because this was one finding during Kendal’s workup when he was so sick in late December. The vet delaying the dental work since it was not crucial to perform right away. He also recommended taking a second urine sample for comparative analysis, and because the first sample was possibly contaminated. The second sample revealed sugar crystals though not in the same high concentration.

Faye picked Stella up and brought her home, and we will try to capture a pee sample in a couple weeks or so. Miss Stella seems to be fine, has her normal energy and interest in things going on around her.

The vet also recommended further increasing Stella’s kibble. We recently switched all three dogs from the Acana Regionals cycle to Acana Senior, so perhaps I have not appropriately adjusted her kibble. Another factor is the colder winter than the recent ones, which of course requires expending more energy to stay warm.