We have spuds

Our potato box was very productive. Last spring we started our potatoes in this approximately 3′ x 3′ box. As the vines grew we added boards to the box frame, layer by layer, and piled in straw with each layer until the straw was about 15″ deep. I harvested the bounty today and reaped about ten lbs. of potatoes and there may be even more below the level I dug to. Ten lbs. is certainly not enough to last all winter but we now have the confidence of knowing the method works for us. The earth I turned over is amazingly rich in organic matter, earthworms, and other good stuff.  I suspect we’ll try again next year.

DSCF4661 - Copy

Near and far

taken and posted with the PlayBook

Stella lays on the deck, surveying the entire backyard. In the background, Achilles lays on his own. He is the most independent dog of our three. He can be content to be on his own, sometimes out in the backyard for an hour.

Different dogs, good dogs, our cattle dogs.


Morning: Cattail and spiderweb

The seedpuffs of this cattail glowed in the early morning rays and caught my eye. I didn’t even see the spiderweb until I reviewed the photo. Delicate, almost invisible tracery. Lovely. Stop to look and see, and you may see more – if you are open.

DSCF4623 - Copy