Folding towels

Faye is very detail oriented and organized in many ways. One of those ways is folding laundry, like towels. I have been the recipient of some good-natured hectoring on this topic.

How I folded towels when I was on my own is a detail lost in the mists of time; I think I folded in half lengthwise, half lengthwise again, then half widthwise. My towel folding talent and acumen were gently and humourously derided. Towels folded thus did not fit neatly into our bathroom cabinet. This was documented.


If I recall correctly Faye learned to fold towels in 4-H: Fold in thirds lengthwise then fold in thirds widthwise. This is how they are supposed to be folded in our household. Hand towels and washcloths are a topic outside the range of this post; suffice it to say they have their own rules.

I have had a spot of trouble getting with the program. Say, years worth of trouble. After a while – say about six years – I began getting close. They were often re-folded but hey, I was getting close.

This summer, after seven years, something seemed to click. I was taking laundry off the clothesline and folding it a few weeks ago. As I folded towels Faye watched and said something along the lines of ‘Whoa dude I think you got it.’

And they say old dogs can’t learn new tricks. Behold.


Faye, thank you for your years of patience, tolerance, and forbearance. Perhaps one day I’ll learn – not master, simply learn – how to fold sheets and pillowcases.