I have what I think are some good photos on the camera Unfortunately the camera is in the car, which Faye has tonight. Rather than lament my forgetfulness, here’s a wonderful blast from my past.

One day in 2005 as I power-walked Stella, this loose on the street Labx began following us. He was a friendly boy, didn’t seem too street- or car-savvy. I didn’t want him to get hit so I encouraged him to follow us. Very long story shortened, I named him Corndog (he was yellow, and round, and a dog, ergo Corndog). After a couple false starts he came to live with me. Our time together was cut unexpectedly short by his lymphoma diagnosis, and I had to let go of him in January 2007.

I’m grateful to have had him in my life. Sometimes I think, believe, we get the dog we need. Corndog came into my life when I was focussed, intense. He may not have been the sharpest tool in the shed but he was sweet, friendly, happy. He never met a human, dog, or cat he disliked. I needed some lightening up, some comic relief. Through owning him I became more relaxed and open, a better human and a better dog owner.

This is my most favourite photo of him, dozing on the couch. I think he was snoring.

DSC00994 - Copy

Laundry time

Taken with the PlayBook

Despite the busy and hectic few days mentioned, when I saw this photo I was compelled to make time to comment.

This photo is from from last January. Yes that’s right, Faye is hanging laundry and yes, the ground is snow covered. Though a cloudy day the humidity level was probably low and as you see from the sheet slightly billowing, there was a slight breeze.

IMG_00000914 - Copy

Laundry does dry in subfreezing weather. Not 100%, but enough that a short session inside on drying racks removes all residual moisture. I did not believe it until I witnessed it.

We hang laundry because we do not have a dryer, which must seem amazingly primitive to some people. Even when our small town had a laundromat we used the ‘solar and wind powered dryer’. Even if we did have one (and it would be nice), we’d still hang laundry. Hanging laundry smells fresher. It endures less wear and tear. It costs far, far less money. There are also two somewhat overlooked attributes to hanging laundry.

One is that is that you pay a little more attention to the weather. ‘Do I have an opportunity to get laundry done tomorrow, before that chance of rain?’ Related to that, you have to get outside. To get off the couch, to be active, to live in our real world of warmth, cold, sun, clouds, wind, no wind.

I must confess. Faye takes responsibility for doing laundry, which means that she’s the one much more often than not who is hanging, un-hanging. I’m very, very grateful and appreciative that she does it. And am reminded when these chores fall on me how very blessed I am to have a partner to take on this responsibility.

Tundra Swans, Lambton County

These majestic creatures (Cygnus columbianus, link to AllAboutBirds from Cornell Lab of Ornithology) are quite shy and keep a healthy distance from humans. This pair did not care for my presence a mere 200 or so meters away and took flight.

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Thank you

There are 110 followers of my very modest and unassuming blog. I started it as first a place where I planned to post about baseball, life, and various other topics.

It’s morphed into a place to post photos and to give thanks for the many blessings in my life. Good dogs, weather of all kinds, a snug little home, a place to garden. Most especially my marvellous good fortune in having my best friend, companion, wife, lover, Faye to share all of this good fortune with.

I also deeply appreciate your follows, visits, and likes. Your likes, your comments, means a lot to me and at times are what, more than anything, encourages me to continue. Thank you very much, each and every one.

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