We took all of the dogs to our vet, Wallaceburg Animal Hospital to get their vaccinations and exams. As we waited for the vet to come into the room, Achilles and Stella investigated the room. That’s Achilles in the foreground. Stella demonstrated her superb memory. Look just to the right of centre. She is standing on her hind feet. Just above the countertop you see her ears, nose, and the top of her head. She’s looking at the jars of treats.

WP_000421 - Copy

All three are in pretty good shape for seniors. Achilles is who knows how old, our guess is 10 or 11, Kendal is 13, and Stella 11. All have a little degradation in their vision. It’s challenging for Kendal to get around, what with his arthritic left front. We manage his pain with Tramadol. We’re are supplementing with glucosamine/chondroitin and have started Catrophen injections to see of that will help. We are undecided. His appetite’s robust, he wants to walk, is still interested in life. He’s doing pretty good for an old boy.

We’re very blessed to have these three good dogs.

Author: andrew puntch

married, dog owner, current events, politics, history, baseball, weather/climate

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