My Australian Cattle Dog mix Stella recently became twelve years old a senior dog, reckoned in human years. That makes her, by some calculations, 84. I’m skeptical she’s that old.

She’s slowed down a little, lost a step or two. Stella likes the comfort of the couch a little more, and a little more often, than in years past. Yet she’s still ready for a walk no matter what the weather. And on the walk she’s still still nose down yet head up with eyes open, reacting to what she smells, hears, sees. I still have to pay close attention to her, what’s around us, what has her attention. That’s good, keeps me attentive and alert.

I’m very blessed to have had her for these years, and look forward to having her for more.

DSCF8790 - Copy



Author: andrew puntch

married, dog owner, current events, politics, history, baseball, weather/climate

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