Morning, dawn

I have loved stopping during my morning commute to drink in, absorb, photograph, and share the amazing vistas I’ve been blessed to see. I’ve not shared those morning views for some time and there is a good reason. For over a month I’ve commuted to work in the dark. It’s still a restful contemplative time for me. Unfortunately there isn’t much to see and share. Once at work I cannot stop to see, to share.

Reverting to Daylight Standard Time this weekend may bring a little light back to my commute, to my posts. For this post, here’s a view from early August.

Sometimes the most restful and contemplative views are within us, if we can look within.DSCF6751 - Copy


During a recent trip to Windsor we took the scenic route, travelling on Highway 3. Route 3 rarely strays far from the Lake Erie shore. Since this is migrating season we were privileged to see hundreds of migrating Turkey Vultures including and this squadron of 17 individuals. What graceful birds, swooping, soaring, and riding the wind!