Stella and I just returned from yet another follow-up on her dental surgery and fistulae repair.

The vet gave the all clear to begin transitioning to normal feeding and routine. It’s been such a long slog I was prepared for more bad news, and slumped in relief. Our next visit will be for the routine annual exam.

Stella has been such a trooper throughout all of this, allowing people to prod and poke at her mouth so many times. Never happy about having that done yet never growling, snapping, showing poor behaviour. She’s always been ready to go for a car ride though so many of them ended at the vet, ready to go into the vet, though reluctant to enter the examination room (I can and certainly do forgive that!).

I give thanks.

DSCF7040 - Copy

Author: andrew puntch

married, dog owner, current events, politics, history, baseball, weather/climate

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