Welcome cheer

Our Gaillardia are still blooming at this late stage of the growing season. It brings a most welcome and most needed cheer at a time when most things are done blooming. Welcome cheer when Faye is in Day 35 of the tomato harvest and she, we, so look forward to it being done.


One more memory

It is almost impossible to think of all the dogs I’ve had without thinking of Corndog, a Labx stray who wormed his way into my life and my heart. Everyone was his friend; he never met a human, dog, or cat he disliked.

Here, he naps in between making friends.



While walking Achilles and Stella this evening I sorted through some memories. One memory is the Adventure getting married, throwing up my life in Texas, and immigrating to Canada. Here’s a photo of us on our first day on the road to Canada in July 2007. It has been an adventure I have no regrets at all about undertaking.

Life is an adventure. I embrace it.


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