Spirit dog

The author Jon Katz writes about the Spirit Dog, a dog that comes into your life when you need it.

Stella was and is a Spirit Dog. She was entrusted to me by people who must have found it difficult to let go of her, yet did let go. Stella and I worked through some challenges, I found purpose and gumption in guiding, training her. We did a lot of work and learned a great deal. We’ve been on quite a journey, which hasn’t ended.



I fasted Wednesday evening.

We enjoyed a dinner of baked chicken thighs with Cajun beans and rice.

My fast was staying off the internet and the computer. There was no compelling need, little desire, to check email, facebook, chat, news and commentary, weather. So after dinner I stayed on the couch with Faye (and Fitzi). We talked and later I read a couple chapters of Fate is the Hunter, a book rich with meaning. Before going to bed I gave thanks for my many real blessings. It was a very good evening.

It’s good to step away from the realm of bits, bytes, online friends, instant searches; and  live in the real world of my sweetie and my dogs, a real book, a warm house.

So don’t be distressed if there is no post next Wednesday, or the one after that, or . . .




Faye and I participated in a 5K run/walk yesterday. All participants wore Santa suits and pledges raised went to a worthy cause. She ran, I walked; Fayes niece ran with her and her husband walked with me. It was a brisk, blustery day with the odd sleet shower. Despite the less than ideal conditions all of us finished in the top half overall of our respective race. Faye did very well in her first timed event, beating her target time by several minutes. Well done sweetie.


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