We bid adieu to February by trying to create a family portrait on a blustery day. We were less than 100 percent successful.

Back on Thursday. And again, thank you for visiting.


Not ready yet

We spent a good amount of time outside last weekend; temperatures were at or above all-time February highs. We moved out to a corner of the yard to catch the last bit of late afternoon sun, and brought the dog bed out.

When we decided to go inside, Achilles was not ready to leave his spot.



The site has been changed a little.

I tuned the ‘About me’ a bit.

This page, the home page, will remain focussed on a photo and a comment.

I’ve added a new page titled ‘Comments’ which will be updated as I see fit. I will comment a lottle more deeply on topics that capture my attention. It will feature content that captures my attention.

A tip of the hat to danicapiche, whose website refresh inspired me. Thank you!


Fitzi invited Achilles to play and Achilles accepted the invitation. By the time I got the iPad booted and camera app started they were winding down; they still danced so quickly that I only captured two blurs.


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