Many things to be grateful for.

We have our health, a snug home of our own, friends and family in good health, healthy dogs, are neither obscenely wealthy nor destitute.

I am grateful that we have so many similar interests. Reading, sitting on the deck listening to the grass grow, quiet evenings at home, occasionally going for a hike, able to take change and upset with equanimity.

2017 has been a good year. 2018 will be whatever kind of year it will be. I’m fortunate to go into the new year with so many blessings.

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Author: andrew puntch

married, dog owner, current events, politics, history, baseball, weather/climate

4 thoughts on “Blessed”

  1. I agree. A year of changes…moving, new environment, leaving friends and some family, finding new everythings and even more family!
    Have way too many blessings to complain. I am looking forward to what 2018 will bring and rising to the challenge!

    1. I have decided that life is an adventure. 2018 will bring what it brings and I look forward to it. I’m pleased that you have jumped and things are going well even if it is a billion degrees below zero!

  2. That’s minus a billion degrees….talk about change!…Although I recently saw Tulsa was at 12 degrees. I currently have 4 layers on and my little portable heater going.

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