A superior product.

We look for and take advantage of ways to best use our money. Having said that, we prefer to drink good coffee. So we purchase freshly roasted beans from a friend who happens to roast coffee beans. Here’s what we ordered, and received, this week.

DSCF0512 - Copy

Every variety we have bought has been so good I no longer need or want to add sugar or milk. It might cost more than what we could buy in the store yet it’s a superior product. We plan to patronize Coffey’s Coffee for as long as the proprietor chooses to stay in business.



Spring will be here soon and our seed order arrived today. Radishes, several different lettuce varieties, snow peas. Buckwheat to sow in the half of the vegetable garden that will lay fallow this year. Flowers including many natives to sow this fall, replacing a good good portion of the turfgrass in the front yard.

DSCF0510 - Copy


When the boss returned from running errands he said two Bald Eagles were in the field just up the road and asked if I had my camera. Well yes so I drove up the road and there they were, about 100 meters from where i stopped. The brisk and gusty breeze made it a challenge to hold the camera still enough to capture a not bad image.

DSCF0461 - Copy