Final post

Here’s my final post of my visit to the International Plowing Match, held last weekend in Chatham-Kent (C-K).

I arrived at the arena after the Canadian Cowgirls, an equine demonstration team based in C-K yet appears across North America, began their performance. The crowd had already pressed up close so I was at the back and shooting blind, holding the camera as high as I could reach and pressing the shutter button. The breeze was briskly blowing, challenging the riders’ ability to hold their flag steadily while also riding their routine.

It was a moving performance. A lover of horses and teamwork, I was a bit misty eyed at the end.


The result

The result of the teams’ efforts. What to my untrained eye appears to be straight furrows of pretty much equal depth and leavings (heaps? don’t know what they are called) with little if any growth on top.

I can scarcely imagine plowing a field, for real, then planting.

I expected to see almost all teams being composed of horses being guided by old guys, guys in their 50’s and older. It was good to see more than a few teams guided by two-footeds who were apparently in their 30s and 40s, some in their 20s.

Knowing, being able to practice, this science (and art) may become important in the not too distant future.


Heavy Horses

I went to the 2018 International Plowing Match today. The IPM is a big deal for rural Ontarians (and politicians – excuse me while I rolleyes) and this was my first chance to go.

I avoided politicians and spent a good amount of time watching and admiring the horse plowing competition. As things started, this handsome team walked by.



Achilles waits behind the gate while I work in the front yard.

While I’d like to have him out front with me – he is very unlikely to race off after some attraction – it’s better having him in the back yard. He is an old guy and I prefer having him there. He is safe from the stray or loose dog which might take advantage of his vulnerability while my back is turned or I’m otherwise unable to defend him.


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