Faye and I ran errands today.

On our way home we saw a car on the shoulder and a fellow using a stick or bat to herd a bird off the pavement onto the shoulder. As we passed by we saw that it was a . . . Common Loon?!?!?! They aren’t at all common around here; as a matter of fact neither of us have ever seen one. Literally. We were gobsmacked.

So we pulled a u-turn and went back to offer help. The fellow was leaving but said he had called wildlife rescue. We decided to stay until they arrived. Faye got a small blanket from the trunk to cover, protect, and confine it, keeping well away from its long pointed beak. It appeared to have some kind of leg or foot injury. We didn’t realize how BIG a loon is!

Two animal rescue officers arrived about 30 minutes later. They packed it into a small kennel for transport to a rehabilitator.

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Author: andrew puntch

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