Blue Jay.

I feed songbirds. A side effect is that seeds are scattered throughout the yard, so sunflowers spring up all over. We let them grow, flower, and go to seed.

Today a gang of eight Blue Jays descended on the sunflowers. I was able to photograph this one from the kitchen.

Version 2

Play ball.

Baseball’s 2019 World Series starts a little later tonight. The favoured (and my favourite team) Houston Astros play the Washington Nationals. While I hope Houston wins I’d rather they lose a well-played Series than win a sloppy set of games.

(Photo taken at Detroit’s Comerica Park on July 27, 2017 with Houston’s Jose Altuve at bat.)



I recently visited Niagara Falls and rode the boat ‘The Maid of the Mist’ into the base of American and Horseshoe Falls. This photo doesn’t begin to show their power. You must be there, ride the boat, to begin grasping how tiny and insignificant humans really are.

See the people on the walk to the left of the Falls? That’s what we are. We are tiny little nothings when compared to grand enormous sweep of All That Is.

Version 3


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