Life feeds life.

I have fed songbirds for about 15 years, 13 of which here at this home. I count birds for Project FeederWatch and this weekend have counted them for the Great Backyard Bird Count.

A large number of birds of several species visited yesterday, a little more than two days after a major snowstorm. There had been very little activity today, and early this afternoon I saw why.

Sometimes, I feed more than songbirds. A Sharp-shinned Hawk had apparently been keeping watch, and it pounced on a House Finch.

A very talented friend once used the phrase ‘Life feeds life’ as a blog post title. It seemed like an appropriate title for this post.


After reviewing CCTV footage for evidence of the unauthorized visitor, I identified it. This fox followed a path I had shovelled out then turned, bounding along my footpath to avoid walking in the deeper untouched snow. At this point it stopped to scan the area ahead before proceeding.

Small treasures.

Since Faye works midnights (boo hiss) starting Sunday night we decided to have a good Valentine’s Day meal today. We killed time at a thrift store before picking up our Valentines’ Day lunch and I found some small treasures. I like the Horatio Hornblower series, and have never read Sinclair Lewis. Both books appear to be first editions. ‘Breakfast in America’ has been on my ‘look for’ list for a while. Cost, all in? $2.54.

Thrift stores are great.

The Valentine’s Day meal? Really good Jamaican.


For the past three weeks, temperatures have been mostly mildly below freezing to well below. The St. Clair River has largely frozen over so open water is limited. As a result, overwintering waterfowl been compressed into small spaces. I saw in this small open water area Mute Swan, Tundra Swan, Canada Goose, Redhead, Bufflehead, and possibly another species.

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