I happened to look out the laundry room window at the right time to see this chipmunk at the edge of the deck, finishing a meal of sunflower seeds. This appears to be a bit out of focus because I shot it through the screened laundry room window.

We’re happy to share space and resources with it. Before letting the dogs out we go out ourselves first and walk around, wave our arms and speak up, thereby giving it the opportunity to skitter for cover.

Tuckered out.

We spent much of a recent very pleasant spring day outside tending to things that needed tending to. Lucy and Fitzi did the same, and all the activity left Lucy quite tuckered out.

A tired dog is a good dog.

A precarious place, revisited.

It is day 14 of the Mourning Dove sitting its nest. While not that cold – it’s 1C – it’s a miserable day with moderate to heavy snow falling and likely continuing for several more hours.

The incubation period is 14 days, according to All About Birds. I hope another two days elapse before hatching; while the snow likely ends tonight, tomorrow nights’ low may dip to -5C.

A very tough time. Fingers crossed. We will see what we see.

A question for you.

Someone on Twitter recently asked a very good question. I’d like to ask you, my valued reader, a slightly modified version of that question.

Name places you wish you could walk to from your home which you currently cannot reasonably walk to. As many or as few as you can think of, whatever destination(s) you care to share.

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