About me

My name is Andrew and I welcome you to my blog.

I lived in Texas for decades (with a stop in Kansas) before emigrating to Canada after meeting and marrying a most delightful woman named Faye. We own three two dogs, live in a small town in Ontario, and are fairly content with our lives.

I usually post a photo and comment four, five, six, perhaps seven days a week. I used to regularly take a day off on Wednesday; now I take a day off when the need, or mood, strike me.


Our families, certain aspects of our personal lives, when we vacation, our jobs.


Posts will feature the photo of the day and a brief thematic description.

Almost every post will have a photo, sometimes two. I photograph birds, our dogs Fitzi and Lucy, rural scenes and landscapes, flowers, sunrises and sunsets. Sometimes I will sneak in a photo of baseball, us, or something else.


I know that is grammatically incorrect.

While I welcome comments my life is not open for debate. Please do not offer unsolicited advice. Advice often benefits the giver more than the recipient, with one exception – when I specifically say “I need advice.”

While I am pretty tolerant please watch your swear words (I didn’t say don’t swear *grin*).

Thanks for coming. I invite y’all to visit regularly and to comment often.

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