About me

My name is Andrew. Welcome.

I’m middle aged and have been married since 2006 to a most delightful woman named Faye. We own three dogs, live in a small town in Ontario, and are fairly content with our lives.




Our families, certain aspects of our personal lives, when we vacation, our jobs.


Posts on the photo page will feature the photo of the day and a very brief thematic description.

Posts on the comment page (coming soon!) will run around 3-4 paragraphs. Topics may range widely: Aircraft and flying, authors and books, baseball, being formerly Texan and now Canadian, birds and birding, climate change, and weather, current events, dogs, food, gardening, history, people, politics, small town life, the probable long-term unsustainability of the Suburban Experiment. Gratitude and appreciation for all of my blessings. Other stuff that slips my mind.

Almost every post will have a photo or three.


I know that is grammatically incorrect.

While your comments are most welcome, my life is not open for debate.

Please do not offer unsolicited advice. My belief is that advice benefits the giver more than the recipient, with one exception – when I specifically say “I need advice.”

I am pretty tolerant . . . please watch your swear words (I didn’t say don’t swear *grin*).

Thanks for coming. I invite y’all to visit regularly and to comment often.

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