The pickup turned over 143,000 miles this morning. That’s 230,136 kilometers. Not that far in terms of distance. It’s quite some distance in terms of time, reliability, and, well, companionship.


It is a 1999 model year Mazda B2500. The 2500 denotes its 2.5 liter engine, which I learned many years ago is a little small to pull a 3000 pound vehicle. It has been a light duty truck best suited to hauling a few sheets of plywood or sheet rock, several 4×4 posts, what have you.

I had always wanted a pickup. This one fit my wants and wants, so I bought it – in 2000. It has almost always been the secondary vehicle which is why it has so few miles for its age. It still fits my needs.

It has some rust. A few dash lights are out, the a/c died years ago. And yet it has been a largely reliable partner for approaching 20 years. I might lift a glass and smoke a cigar to mark having such a sturdy vehicle for so long.

Our view.

The view from our seats at Toronto’s Royal Alexandra Theatre, waiting for Come From Away to begin. A lovely venue, and the cast! Mastering two or three roles each, dialogue, lyrics, cues, costume changes on the fly, choreography and footwork, rearranging props. I am awed by their talent.


Generator and TWRP

We went to Toronto, in part, to see Generator. It was a . . . the best description I come up with is a speed Chautauqua.

My understanding of Chautauquas is that they were traveling or fixed location events intended to entertain, enlighten, educate, uplift, promote conversation. The Chautauqua Institute in far west New York continues this tradition.

Generator (produced by astronaut Chris Hadfield’s son Evan)  did all of this, and also encouraged the attendees to not let fear govern their actions. I learned about AI being used to diagnose and treat conditions with a genetic basis, mushroom shrouds, body farms, mistakes in mathematics, and advances in mapping. All presented with some humour and much verve.

There was a house band – TWRP – which played several songs, and did a little bit as each presenter was introduced.70EB1708-4625-4D1D-9140-9F40194392E8_1_201_aAs you may be able to see in this cell phone photo they have an, interesting, stage persona and make good music. The fellow lounging on the couch was introduced later as ‘Tres Magnifique’ before he played tenor sax.

It was an evening very much enjoyed.