As attractive.

I mix whole shelled sunflower seed into what goes in the feeders. In wet weather I watch how much of this I put out, since it spoils so quickly.

For American Goldfinches, it’s as attractive a food as the in-shell sunflower.

Aptly named.

I saw this bird Wednesday afternoon making its way along some of the Manitoba maples’ limbs. Unfortunately neither camera nor binoculars were handy. I made a point to have the camera handy this afternoon and fortunately it paid another visit.

It seems to be the aptly named Black-andwhite Warbler, possibly a female since the belly streaks appear to be a buff colour. I don’t recall ever seeing it before. I am pleased to have seen it flitting about.

First visit.

I happened to be sitting on the deck when this Baltimore Oriole made its first visit of the season to my backyard hummingbird feeder, which it prefers to the larger oriole feeder.


Coming into work one day something different, something out of place, caught my attention. Rather than clumsily and insensitively blunder into something I continued inside, then grabbed the camera and carefully went to the windows.

What had caught my attention was this furry bunny, an Eastern Cottontail rabbit. Although I have seen them on site I don’t recall ever seeing one in this spot.

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