Andrew’s home!

A little blurry because both camera and Achilles were in motion.

On getting home, I let myself in leaving the door open. I drop my bag and let the dogs out of the living room, then follow them outside. Achilles romped this afternoon. Kendal tended to business first, then galloped up, his greeting no less enthusiastic.

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DSCF4711 - Copy


Sometimes I reflect on Stella’s age. Shes’ eleven. At times though it’s apparent she’s a senior. Her overall energy level is a little lower (thank dog!). I think she’s more content to watch the world go by from her throne, the deck. This rarely saddens me. Dogs grow up, age, get old, and die as we watch their life unfold. It’s life. I don’t look forward to her getting old, infirm, and possibly grumpy. Yet any sadness, not-look-forward-to-it-ness, denial, any negative feelings I may have will not change by one iota the fact, the process, of her aging. I’m very grateful to have had her. I gained purpose at a time when I was looking for purpose. She’s been so good for me and good to me, I hope to have returned a tiny bit of the favour.

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A good day for a walk

Achilles and I walked in the Ontario Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (OSPCA) Friends for Life! Walk today. I adopted Achilles from a central Texas animal shelter in 2006, and I wanted to pay back/pay forward the favour the shelter did to him, to me, for keeping him until I came along. More than a few people very generously donated money to sponsor our walk to raise money for the OSPCA.

It was a Goldilocks morning for a walk, not cool or warm, not rainy, some sun, some clouds, a good breeze. We had a good 2 1/2 klick walk. Several times we stopped – no rush, no need to hurry. I got the camera out a few times, and one time the stars aligned for this informal portrait.

DSCF4599 - Copy

It was a good day for a walk and it has been a good day to give thanks.