Play ball!

I took in a baseball game last weekend; the Toronto Blue Jays hosted the New York Yankees. It was the first game I have seen since 2019. I had a decent seat. Note to self, if attending an afternoon game at the Skydome avoid the first base side. Very sunny!

Yankees won 4-0. Things unfortunately went off the rails for the Jays’ starting pitcher Alek Manoah in the 6th. It did not help that he was boned on several ball/strike calls through his 5.1 innings pitched.

Here is the Yankees’ Aaron Judge (DH’ing that day) waiting on a pitch. He was an unusual 0-5 on the day.

Took the train there and back, as did several other Jays fans. Although it was not cheap, and yes less convenient than driving, I avoided driving three plus hours there and three plus back home. On the approach to Toronto’s Union Station I could not help being amused that cars on the Gardiner was moving far more slowly than we were. I arrived fresh and un-stressed.


I climbed 58 steps to the top of an outdoor platform for exercise, and to take a look around this very flat part of the world. After a moment or two this Merlin began diving on me, likely protecting a nearby nest. A moment of searching did not turn it up, and since my presence was an unnecessary (and obviously unwelcome) distraction, I decided to stop looking and take my leave.

It was interesting to learn, among other things, that they take over other birds’ nests.

Quite an acrobatic show.

Yesterday evening a decaying thundershower moved in, and an outflow gust front from it brought brisk and gusty wind. Turkey Vultures returning to their nearby roost rode the wind and put on quite an acrobatic show, wheeling, tilting and rocking, power diving, a few blowing through at less than treetop height.

I caught this one in a stoop, wings drawn in, losing altitude in a hurry.

First sighting – of something.

A couple weeks ago I saw this unfamiliar bird hopping around the backyard, keeping away from the open lawn. I gave up ID’ing it after a short time.

While reviewing photos tonight I tried again and narrowed it down to either a Gray-cheeked Thrush or a Swainson’s Thrush, cannot decide which. I am inclined to say Swainson’s because of the distinct eyering, though they seem to forage mostly in trees.

Whichever it was, it is the first time I remember seeing such a bird.


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