Canada_Download_Sep10 010 Achilles aka ChiliDog is an Australian Cattle dog mix. I’ve owned him for just over seven years and guess his age to be ten or eleven. In two ways he is atypical of the breed because he has never met a human he disliked, and also because he is not driven to do a job, though I suppose liking humans is a job. Often when he is at rest or relaxed his tongue hangs out like this. I have no idea why and he certainly isn’t letting me in on his reason.

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My name is Andrew and I am new to blogging. A little background.

I’m middle aged and have been married since 2006 to a most delightful woman named Faye. We own three dogs as you see from my first post below, live in a small town, and are fairly content with our lives.

Most of my posts will be shorter – a paragraph or four – rather than longer.


Our families, certain aspects of our personal lives, specifics of where we live, when we vacation, my job.


In no particular order of importance or preference.

Aircraft and flying, authors and books, baseball, being formerly Texan and now Canadian, birds and birding, cigars, climate and weather, current events, dogs, food, gardening, history, music and musicians, politics, small town life, people, photography. Other stuff that slips my mind.

More than a few of my blogs will have a photo or three.


I know that is grammatically incorrect.

While I welcome your comments and hope for exchanges of ideas and opinions, my life is not open for debate.

Please do not offer unsolicited advice. My belief is that advice benefits you more than me, with one exception – when I specifically say “I need advice.”

Though I am pretty open minded and tolerant . . .

. . . please watch your swear words (I didn’t say don’t swear *grin*). Respect me and others. No abuse, personal attacks, libel or slander.

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