Chili dog turned my way when I clicked my tongue as when you would call a horse. He is no horse of course.

Even now, seven years after adopting him I am still astounded that he languished at the shelter for a year. I am so fortunate, so blessed, that a friend thought to let me know about him. He has been a gift, a blessing. He was the dog I needed.


My library

My library

My library turned 100 this year and the staff were celebrating today. It’s a Carnegie library, one of the many that were built in much of the US and Canada in the early 1900s.

Libraries are a priceless resource. In my small town it is a place where people visit, schoolkids come to volunteer and to pass time, where people who cannot afford to or choose not to have internet access at home can come to get online at no cost. Faye and I get our books, I check out the latest edition of National Geographic, we check out movies. Our librarians are very helpful, renewing books without being asked, finding and reserving books for Faye. One librarian and her husband have become our best friends.

Some people say that libraries are dying, they they cannot compete with the internet, chat, instant messaging, and other modern forms of interaction, education, edification, and information exchange.

I beg to differ. Come to our small library to see the patrons; experience the at times vibrant atmosphere; be helped by our wonderful staff; and you see will why I believe libraries will be around for a long, long time.