This critter is a freshly hatched Snapping Turtle. A nest was dug and eggs were laid this spring at my workplace. It was protected from marauding opportunists until yesterday, when it was opened and hatchlings were discovered. They faced a tough journey to the nearest water – either down a steep 6-7 meter slope, or a gentler but longer 25 meter trip through tall grass and weeds.

We carried several down to the water and released them. It was the least we could do.

No apologies for the out of focus shot. I was more attentive to expeditiously getting it down to the water than on taking a well composed photograph.


We grow a few of many things in our small garden.

Todays’ harvest: jalapenos, ‘ugly’ tomatoes (which are volunteers from last years’ effort), Chocolate Cherry tomatoes, tomatillos (also volunteers), beans, a cayenne pepper, ground cherries. Also growing: rosemary, spearmint and peppermint, basil and Thai basil, sage.

Gloriously delicate.

The sky was airbrushed with gloriously delicate hues this morning. I was compelled to stop, admire and give thanks, and share with you.

If you look just above and to the right of the centre, there is the fingernail, waning, almost gone, crescent moon.


On the move.

This morning was very calm. This screen grab from the Detroit Michigan National Weather Service radar shows circles, or rings, at the top centre, just right of centre, bottom centre, and a small, partial one at bottom, right of centre.

The radar picked up – hundreds of thousands? millions? – of birds fanning out from these overnight roosting areas, on the move and looking for food, fattening up for migration.

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