Sailing to Philadelphia

Right now I’m listening to this CD. Mark Knopfler is a marvellously talented songwriter/composer. The lyrics he wrote for this CD are almost uniformly magnificent.

While the lyrics about coming to America and about stock car racing are great, who would have ever thought that you can write great lyrics and music about The Mason-Dixon Line or about mail order wives?



I am a little concerned about Achilles. During the past few days he has had loose bowels and puked several times. In addition he has spent a little more time off by himself than is usual. His energy level is normal (for example racing around the yard Thursday evening) as is his appetite. Chili is drinking a normal amount of water; does not appear uncomfortable; and has no unusual reaction when stroked, patted, and palpated.

A bland diet may be a good idea so I am thawing some chicken and will make chicken and rice for his dinner this evening and tomorrow’s meals.

I’m not panicking or Freaking Out. Almost all dogs occasionally get sick. This has gone on a little longer than is good so I will keep an eye on him. If it continues to Monday a vet visit may be in order.