A Change of Routine

After my shower yesterday morning I saddled the dogs up. Achilles, Stella, and me took a turn around the circle drive. Then I took Kendal down the street since with his bad left front he cannot go as far. All three were so surprised that they were literally speechless.

It is a good change. I have always liked the early morning, it is such a peaceful time to be in, listening to the world wake up. It cuts intomy morning computing time, which not at all a bad thing.


A Bunch of Books

Faye and I have been on holiday, hence the dearth of posts.

While away we acquired this pile of books. Some we bought on Amazon. Some we bought at Battenkill Books, a delightful independent bookstore in Cambridge New York. http://www.battenkillbooks.com In addition to their brick and mortar store the have an efficient, helpful online store.

Some books my brother Bob gave us. I cannot wait to start devouring tbese books after finishing my current read, Talking God by Tony Hillerman.



It may be difficult to see the Baltimore oriole which visited our oriole feeder. I had heard it quite a few times in the days before this and had spent some extra time on the deck hoping to photograph it to no avail. One day I was out in the yard, turned around, and there he was. Fortunately I had the Playbook with me.


Good girl

Stella announces her desire to come in with a particular single bark. Open the door and she almost always waits for the release – “Ok!” Then she trots into the laundry room and, again almost always, drops into a sit without being asked. After a little attention she then trots on into the house.



This sunflower plant popped up right next to the base of Norway maple tree we had removed a while ago. We certainly did not plant it there, the seed must have been dropped by a bird that visited our bird feeder. It got such a late start that it may not bear seeds. We have carefully mowed around it and will see what happens.