Last night we had kohlrabi ‘fries’, sliced baked vegetables – baked potato, chocolate cherry tomato, zucchini, finely diced onion with cheese – and the star, sweet corn bought direct from a farm just outside town. The kohlrabi, zuke, and tomatoes came from our garden. Delicious!

Our Solar- and Wind-Powered Clothes Dryer

Our Solar- and Wind-Powered Clothes Dryer

I was about to write that we do not have a dryer. Of course we do! It’s our clothes line. All of our laundry is hung out to dry. While it sometimes would be nice to run things through a dryer – to get dog hair off, or to get the last bit of moisture out of clothes, to name two examples – we do not need one, even in winter. Our clothes get dry, they take much less wear and tear, and of course our hydro bill is far smaller than it would be,

I’m glad we do not live in a community which forbids clothes lines. What an absurd notion that is!