Play Ball

Play Ball

Time for the All-Star Game. It’s a spectacle, and as a team sport it’s meaningless except for deciding the home advantage in the World Series. Still, it’s a great show.

Taking it in is certainly different from past years. As a kid I listened to it on AM radio. More recently, watching on network and then cable TV. Now I have no TV except over-the-air and the signal is bad. So I’m listening to and watching Gameday. I’ve got a hot dog and a beer.

Play ball and Trout doubles down the right field line!

A Hole In The Ground

Faye and I were bored this morning, so we dug a hole in the ground. Then we started filling it up. Then we got tired so we stopped.

Actually we are putting pavers down at the gate to the backyard. That spot is a little low so it’s wet after a rain and muddy during the spring thaw. These pavers will help. We dug the hole about 8″ deep, filled it halfway with gravel. We started are putting down sand , and pavers on one edge. We ran out of gas so we will finish tomorrow.

One of the many, many things I love about Faye is that she’s completely unafraid to get her hands dirty and do physical labour. She did at least as much work as me and probably more.

Photos tomorrow after we finish the job.


Our weather has been warm, humid, almost oppressive for the past week, perhaps a little more. About 87 millimeters or 3 1/2 inches of rain has fallen in the past two weeks. Humidex (heat index) readings have been up to the mid-30s C (mid-90s F). Some days, there has been very little breeze if any at all, adding to the oppressiveness. Tuesday night we finally installed the window a/c in the bedroom.  I’m not complaining at all – after all it is midsummer. One has to expect and endure weather weather like this. The great blessing for me is that these spells eventually end, unlike central Texas where a spell would start around Memorial Day and end, oh, say, around mid-September.

Last night the warm spell finally broke. This morning the temperature is 19 and the humidity is much lower. It should be a delightful day!