Two days ago, 33. Now, 13. It is late summer verging on fall, so of course the weather can change very quickly. It’s fine, keeps me on my toes.

Tonight’s low will probably dip into the single digits. Frost is not impossible if the clouds break early enough. I brought in all of the tender house plants that we want to save and possibly a few more. It’s a little crowded next to the living room window.


Others are under the Manitoba maple’s canopy where they can gain a little protection from cool descending air.

Not-water dog

Achilles always wants to go outside in the morning so I let him out after showering and shaving. This morning I know that he probably needed to go out first thing so we went to the door while I was half shaved.

A light rain was falling. Chili Dog’s worldview on water is that it belongs in a bowl. Achilles has never been interested in getting wet and I have never pushed the issue. If he does not want to dip his paws in or stand belly deep never mind swim, that’s fine.

Anyway, he must have really needed to go out this morning because although it was raining, he slowly walked outside, ears flat against his head. Not long afterward I heard a scratch at the door, his polite way of asking to come inside.

Once we took everyone to the lake. That’s Lake Erie in the background and he was not at all interested in taking a refreshing dip.