Winter returned today with a vengeance. After yesterdays’ temperatures of plus 12 and higher, we went down to -2 with snow and a bitter north wind. A good reminder that winter isn’t done, there is more to accept whether I like it or not.

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Winter, true winter, the real thing, puts in a brief appearance this weekend. Tomorrow will be breezy, accentuating the chill of the predicted high of somewhere between -10C and -13C. I do not exactly want or welcome such chill. Yet I accept the reality that it’s winter, it gets cold, and I cannot change those facts. Cold snaps like this help me appreciate our snug little home all the more.

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Sometimes it seems our life is like this rough country road. Patches covering the hurts and wounds; rolling, bumpy and uneven; going through empty territory; leading to . . . the unknown.

Yet I like it. The hurts and wounds heal. The journey – through territory familiar as well as uncharted – is energising. There is always something to see, to do, to feel. Something to be grateful for.

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Faye and I had to make the difficult decision to let go of our beloved Kendal. His pain grew progressively worse, even with pain management medications.

I never want to let go of a dog. Yet its the kind, the compassionate – the right – thing to do, difficult and wrenching as it is.

I miss having him on the dog bed next to the computer desk. I’ll miss his shenanigans. I still and will always treasure him, and how he enriched my life. I’ve been very blessed to know and love him.

There is a saying. ‘He’s not gone, just gone on ahead.’

Thank you, Kendal. Thank you for scouting the way. I look forward to hearing your report.


Near the end

Winter is coming to an end. Days are becoming longer, temperatures are warming. The bitter, awe-ful cold is gone. Today it’s just above freezing, sunny, we may sit outside for a while and gratefully soak in some sunshine.

We may – no, we will – have more cold, more snow. Yet we made it through another winter. I’m grateful and happy to live in a four season climate. I will be grateful for the coming warmth.

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