At home

Faye brought Lucy home today. Things have gone well – she and Fitzi played and pranced, and postured with sticks. Senior Achilles joined in; we were inclined to limit his exuberance because of recent back troubles which he is recovering well from.

Feeding time went well. Right now, each dog is resting or sleeping on a bed. At one point Lucy settled on the couch. Rather than fiddle with exposures and settings I went with the ambient light.

I think she is at home. We are blessed and pleased to have her.

DSCF0314 - Copy


We fostered two dogs during 2016; both were eventually adopted and we were very close to adopting each one. One may return.

This very bright and energetic girl came back. The adopter had some life changes and it wasn’t working. So, difficult as it was, the person understood that it was in everyones’ best interest to return her.

Faye learned about Samantha (who we knew as Lucy). We have talked about it. We have also talked about how it would be to Fitzi’s benefit (and equally to our benefit) to have an energetic companion, and that it’s not right to ask calm, senior Achilles to have the level of energy and enthusiasm that this young adult needs in a buddy.

So we will take Fitzi on a meet and greet this weekend. I don’t anticipate major discord between Fitzi and Lucy.

Here’s a photo of her from her previous stay with us.

We will see what we will see.

Dog - Copy