Mere centimeters from well below zero C temperatures, this African violet flourishes on the windowsill above the sink.

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Our potted ornamental plants wait to be moved outside. They have been under artificial light inside, for months. One African Violet may not make it. Today is cloudy, near freezing, snowflakes falling, with a chill northeast breeze.

We wait, less than patiently now, for spring to arrive with its promise of pleasant evenings, sunny skies, mild times. However impatient we are though, spring will come in its own time and no sooner, when it is time, when it is ready. Much as I might prefer otherwise, patience . . .

A welcome splash of colour

A welcome splash of colour

This African violet is blooming on December 22. I have had potted plants for decades, never having luck getting African violets to bloom until moving to Canada, now it seems I can’t prevent them from blooming.

Its colour is very welcome on this gray and grismal day.

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