On the beach.

Faye and I spent some time on the beach today. Not much time because we did not have sunblock. We expected the water to be chillier than it was.

It was good to get out like this, and good to see so many people out enjoying themselves.

Revisiting, Part IV – Final Part

April 2005, Mount Bonnell. Faye, me, and beloved Moonpie. Tentative, hesitant, learning, becoming comfortable. Little did I suspect where life would lead.

Little did I suspect how vastly better life would become, has become, is. I am very very blessed, and thankful.

Back on Thursday.



Faye and I participated in a 5K run/walk yesterday. All participants wore Santa suits and pledges raised went to a worthy cause. She ran, I walked; Fayes niece ran with her and her husband walked with me. It was a brisk, blustery day with the odd sleet shower. Despite the less than ideal conditions all of us finished in the top half overall of our respective race. Faye did very well in her first timed event, beating her target time by several minutes. Well done sweetie.



It was a lovely today, more like mid-April than mid-February. After finishing chores, Faye and I spent a little time outside enjoying the sun and high 50s temperatures.

DSCF7802 - Copy

Quite different from last February, when the temperature was about 19F and snow lay deep on the ground.

February Photo Shoot 2015 - Copy

A lovely afternoon

A little over 8 centimeters of snow fell yesterday; some in the morning and the rest during the evening. Today has been a very lovely day with fresh snow, a brisk breeze, and a lot of sun which raised the temperature to about -1C. So we posed for a self-portrait with our hoop tunnel, inside which are the last of our garden greens.

DSCF7273 - Copy

Happy (early) Valentines Day

Over a year ago Faye and I committed to spending a little time outside every month of the year, and recording that fact. We decided to jump on a common theme for this month. So here is our February photo shoot.

Because it’s February and there are piles of snow everywhere, is no reason to huddle  inside 24/7. Taking into account the weather of the past two weeks it was a mild day, just above freezing. We decided to give thanks that it was not a brutally cold day. Why not spend some time outside, appreciating the season?

February Photo Shoot 2015 - Copy