For our first anniversary Faye and I rented part of a house overlooking Lake Travis, outside Austin. Because it was an off time we wound up having the entire place to ourselves. It was a lovely place to share with a woman, friend, partner, companion, as lovely then as she is today.

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First photo

First photo

Taken in April 2005 on Mount Bonnell in Austin with my beloved Labx Moonpie. Faye and I had met only a day or three before yet I was wondering, thinking, that we had a great deal in common beyond a love of and for dogs. It was a happy time, showing my guest my version of Austin. A happy time, the best time for me in several years.

It’s still a happy, good time. I never expected life to lead me to getting married, moving to Canada, becoming Canadian. Regret none if all that’s transpired and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Thank you sweetie.

My truck

My truck

I bought this 1999 Mazda B2500 new off the lot in January 2000. The shell was added in 2002 and has been removed perhaps three times.

It’s a ’99 model and has been an extraordinarily reliable vehicle. Though it’s almost 14 years old it has around 132,000 miles because for much of its life it’s been the secondary vehicle therefore not driven as much. There are a few scratches yet is virtually no rust, still runs on the original clutch and tranny, probably needs a new power steering pump. Speaking of tranny it has a five speed manual linked to the 2.5 liter engine.

My major (and really only) complaint is that it’s woefully underpowered, which made merging onto IH-35 in downtown Austin an adventure in tooth-grinding as I wound the engine up near the read line simply to approach highway speed as the merge lane came to an all-too-quick end.

Having said that it gets decent mileage (22-25 mpg highway), is fairly comfortable for two people, and the stereo has no blown speakers so it still rocks. I do not permit the dogs to ride in the bed so two dogs fit somewhat comfortably behind the seat, which is where Achilles and Stella rode when I moved to Canada. Three can be stuffed in for short trips.

TX-Canada_Day1 009

We hope to get several more years of service from it.

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