First visit.

I happened to be sitting on the deck when this Baltimore Oriole made its first visit of the season to my backyard hummingbird feeder, which it prefers to the larger oriole feeder.


As our garden transformed last fall from actively growing into dormant and dying, we left many stems and other material in place instead of tidying up all of the dead stuff.

A few days ago this Baltimore Oriole was a benefactor of our decision, peeling fibers off of this Butterfly Bush stem for its mates’ nest.

I believe we will continue gardening in this wildlife friendly way.

Version 2


It may be difficult to see the Baltimore oriole which visited our oriole feeder. I had heard it quite a few times in the days before this and had spent some extra time on the deck hoping to photograph it to no avail. One day I was out in the yard, turned around, and there he was. Fortunately I had the Playbook with me.


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