Play ball!

I took in a baseball game last weekend; the Toronto Blue Jays hosted the New York Yankees. It was the first game I have seen since 2019. I had a decent seat. Note to self, if attending an afternoon game at the Skydome avoid the first base side. Very sunny!

Yankees won 4-0. Things unfortunately went off the rails for the Jays’ starting pitcher Alek Manoah in the 6th. It did not help that he was boned on several ball/strike calls through his 5.1 innings pitched.

Here is the Yankees’ Aaron Judge (DH’ing that day) waiting on a pitch. He was an unusual 0-5 on the day.

Took the train there and back, as did several other Jays fans. Although it was not cheap, and yes less convenient than driving, I avoided driving three plus hours there and three plus back home. On the approach to Toronto’s Union Station I could not help being amused that cars on the Gardiner was moving far more slowly than we were. I arrived fresh and un-stressed.

Play ball!

Game 1 of the World Series is tonight – Atlanta Braves versus the Houston Astros.

I am a lifelong Astros fan all the way back to seeing them at Colt Stadium in 1964 while the Astrodome was under construction. Though an Astros fan I’d rather see Atlanta win a well-played Series than see the Astros win a badly played one.

The photo is of Jose Altuve batting at (what I still call) Tiger Stadium in July 2017. I look forward to going to a game next year.

Play ball.

Baseball’s 2019 World Series starts a little later tonight. The favoured (and my favourite team) Houston Astros play the Washington Nationals. While I hope Houston wins I’d rather they lose a well-played Series than win a sloppy set of games.

(Photo taken at Detroit’s Comerica Park on July 27, 2017 with Houston’s Jose Altuve at bat.)



Charlie Morton got the job done last night, pitching four innings of two-hit, one-run relief. It was an exciting World Series, perhaps not the best, with perhaps an anticlimactic deciding game. It’s done, the Astros won. And Carlos Correa’s girlfriend said yes. 🙂

Only four months until Opening Day 2018.




Play ball.

I recently had the good fortune to attend a Tigers-Astros game. Although Jose Altuve – the best second baseman in the majors – went oh for four and the Astros lost 5-3, it was a decent, entertaining game and a very enjoyable evening.

IMG_3 Copy



The night before my magical plane ride my brother and I attended the Detroit Tigers – Boston Red Sox game. We had great seats – Row 15 just past third base.

It ended badly for the Tigers, 10-2 Sox. Papi, David Ortiz, had a good night. Two for three –  single, two-run homer, and a walk. It was good to see him have a good night during his last year.

DSCF8864 - Copy


Play Ball

Play Ball

Time for the All-Star Game. It’s a spectacle, and as a team sport it’s meaningless except for deciding the home advantage in the World Series. Still, it’s a great show.

Taking it in is certainly different from past years. As a kid I listened to it on AM radio. More recently, watching on network and then cable TV. Now I have no TV except over-the-air and the signal is bad. So I’m listening to and watching Gameday. I’ve got a hot dog and a beer.

Play ball and Trout doubles down the right field line!

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