It’s good and important to look around, to find beauty in your surroundings no matter the season. Beauty can be found even in a dry winter – subtle differences in the shades of brown, tan, and grey become more prominent.

Having said that there is nothing wrong with anticipating this┬ásummers’ colours. This photo of last years’ dianthus is something to admire, and look forward to.


Austere beauty

Winters’ austere beauty has arrived – perhaps a little early by the calendar, at the right time for the season. Even during a -8 afternoon there is something to admire. Here it was the delicate shadings of grey, green, and off white.



Last December I brought home from work a hibiscus plant. It was struggling with an awful whitefly infestation. We quarantined it, treated it with insecticidal soap, and eventually eliminated the infestation. While the plant grew some this year during our mild and dry spring and early summer, it didn’t seem to flourish. Since late July it’s been quite hot, humid, and we’ve had quite a bit of rain. Our patience has paid off – this week we revelled in the beauty of a hibiscus flower.