This hummingbird (almost certainly a Ruby-Throated, do not know if it is a female or an immature one) visits this feeder outside our kitchen window many times daily. I was about 3 meters away and shooting through the window screen with my 75-300mm lens at maximum zoom.


I understand that the correct word for young swans is cygnets. Nonetheless, since young ducks are called ducklings and young geese are called goslings, I often think of young swans as swanlings.

Here are four Mute Swan swanlings with their parents. It is interesting that three of them are grey morphs. It was also interesting that they did not move away when a companion and I appeared from behind a screen of phragmites.


Crows gather by the tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands in the largest town in my municipality. Huge gatherings in urban areas seem to be a relatively recent – in the past few decades – phenomenon.

Faye and I observed these crows flying, as well as others perched on the pediments of a strip mall, during a recent late afternoon shopping trip.

We thought it was kind of cool.