A Cooper’s Hawk, viewed against the early sky just outside my workplace on a very cold winter morning.

A photographer’s note: I used a 75-300mm lens at full zoom on autofocus to shoot this through two windows. I was about 20 feet from the hawk, clearly visible to it and was concerned that any more movement on my part would induce it to fly away.

Version 2


A White-breasted Nuthatch seems to consider the best way to help itself to this suet block.

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What I think is a juvenile American Bittern has been a difficult bird to capture, all summer long. I waited it out and finally photographed him waiting for small fish, or a frog, to wander close enough to be snatched up. It was a difficult shot – up-sun, with colours, glare, and a fence between us. I decided to take the shot, might get nothing better.