I’m going to be quite busy for a few weeks. Faye has begun working for a farmer, plantiing Brussels sprouts and peppers. This isn’t the first year she has planted. Long hours, long days, made longer by our late-arriving spring and wet May. The farmer planned to begin three weeks ago and because of our very wet weather only started the day before yesterday. There’s a lot of catching up to do.

Yesterday Faye went to work before 0700 and returned about 2100. Today will be the same as will the next two or three weeks. I am awed by her toughness, her endurance, her willingness to do this very hard work. It would be perfectly understandable if after such a long day Faye unintentionally became short, snippy, snappy, mean – she does not.

At these times I’m very forcefully reminded of all that she does to keep our home going. Feed and walk the dogs, cook, bake, shop, put out the trash and recycling, laundry, dishes. Most especially our garden. We have an amazing vegetable garden and Faye’s done the overshelming majorty of the planning, prepping, digging, seed starting, planting, maintaining.

For the next few weeks I will attempt to fill in and do all of these things. This time reminds me how incredibly lucky, blessed, I am that my partner is kind, generous, thoughtful, and the most amazing dynamo.

Thank you.

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