Giving thanks

I give thanks for this lovely loaf of bread, which will sustain me.

In this season of giving thanks for our blessings, I thank each and every one of you for making a bit of time in your life to visit my blog, to like my photos. I deeply appreciate it. I wish you a very good holiday season and a very prosperous 2016.



The waning crescent Moon and Venus were close partners yesterday morning, leading the way for the Sun.  I was compelled to stop, photograph, admire, and give thanks. It’s good to stop, look, appreciate our surroundings give thanks for our many blessings.

DSCF6830 - Copy


Life is good. It is not perfect yet it is pretty good. I have decent health, four walls as well as a roof and a bed, reliable hydro and gas, good work, healthy and good dogs, a lovely partner who is also my companion and best friend.

I have so much to be grateful for.


A glorious day

We are blessed with blue sky, a good breeze, and good dogs. Achilles surveys his domain as, in the background, Kendal investigates the naturalised corner of the backyard.


Near the end

Winter is coming to an end. Days are becoming longer, temperatures are warming. The bitter, awe-ful cold is gone. Today it’s just above freezing, sunny, we may sit outside for a while and gratefully soak in some sunshine.

We may – no, we will – have more cold, more snow. Yet we made it through another winter. I’m grateful and happy to live in a four season climate. I will be grateful for the coming warmth.

DSCF5668 - Copy


As is much of eastern Canada and the US, it’s very cold here. The porch thermometer reads -20C. Going outside for more than a few minutes means the cold bites fingers, toes, nose, ears. The dogs, even outdoorsman Achilles, spend very little time out. The furnace is doing yeoman work keeping the living room not-cold. I once thought of traveling to Churchill or Yellowknife during a winter, to experience true cold. That’s no longer necessary.

Yet we are blessed. We do have a working furnace, food in the cupboard, our pipes are not frozen, we have reliable electricity. I do appreciate all of these blessings and the many more we have.

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