It’s been a challenging spring for many of the living things in my part of the world. Much wetter than normal, cooler than normal. A lot of our plants have been slower to grow and to bloom than in past years. Climate change? Possibly. An anomalous spring, unusual but not unheard of? Possibly.

Whatever the reason, it only in late May that this iris in our back yard came into lovely bloom.

Version 2



These ‘weeds’ live in a very harsh environment – on the beach where the wind constantly blows. Thursday it may have been blowing 70 kph or more. The sun bakes down, winter and summer, radiating intense energy. The temperature varies from -25C to +30C throughout the year.

Yet these ‘weeds’ will almost certainly revive, bloom, reseed. They will live, thrive, because they adapt. They live in this environment, they adapt to it. They remind me that life, living, is about adapting to, accepting unpleasant as well as pleasant situations.