Riding high, the waxing moon returns to the night sky.

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Like the moon, I have returned. My spiritual, creative, energies were a bit drained. It was good to put the camera down, good to rest, refresh, recharge. It’s good to be back and share what I see. To return to sharing the grace and the bounty all around me.

We have spuds

Our potato box was very productive. Last spring we started our potatoes in this approximately 3′ x 3′ box. As the vines grew we added boards to the box frame, layer by layer, and piled in straw with each layer until the straw was about 15″ deep. I harvested the bounty today and reaped about ten lbs. of potatoes and there may be even more below the level I dug to. Ten lbs. is certainly not enough to last all winter but we now have the confidence of knowing the method works for us. The earth I turned over is amazingly rich in organic matter, earthworms, and other good stuff.  I suspect we’ll try again next year.

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