Coming into work one day something different, something out of place, caught my attention. Rather than clumsily and insensitively blunder into something I continued inside, then grabbed the camera and carefully went to the windows.

What had caught my attention was this furry bunny, an Eastern Cottontail rabbit. Although I have seen them on site I don’t recall ever seeing one in this spot.

Entangled in a web

We drove into Chatham today on errands. We took the cameras along because 1) one never knows what one might see and 2) we thought we might see Tundra Swans, which are starting to pass through our area. Just inside the north edge of the city a Bald Eagle flew over. Not a place I expected to see one. By the time I careened to a stop, Faye turned the camera on and handed it to me, and I bailed out of the car, the eagle had perched in a tall tree behind a web of twigs and limbs.


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