Lucy watches me capture her.

This is my last cross-post to Facebook. Once again I invite those followers to click the link to my blog and follow me by email. Or you can add the URL to your favourites and visit at your pace. If FB followers prefer not to follow either way, thank you very much for liking and commenting on my posts for the past three-plus years.

I will take Wednesday off and return Thursday.

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Long shadows

While the time change can be discombobulating, it can also bring a photographer new opportunities. I was unlikely to have captured this image before ‘falling back’.

It’s good to appreciate new opportunities, though they my be clothed in inconvenience.

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I have done a few things that I hope make your visit more enjoyable, informative, and interesting.

Content (posts) is now on the left side and the sidebar is on the right. You will now see in the sidebar, in addition to the calendar and the WordPress ‘follow’ button, a ‘Follow’ by email button. If you wish, you can subscribe to receive an email every time I post. You will also see a tag cloud; if you click one of the tags it will open all posts with that tag.

I’ve freshened the ‘About me‘ page. A new page, ‘Blogs I Follow‘, will list blogs I visit and includes a pinhole description of each blog with a link.

Rummage around. Please feel free to let me know what you think.

Changes to the blog

Changes to the blog

I am thinking about some changes. Perhaps changing the layout, adding options to subscribe, for you to share if you see fit, to publicize my work.

My About page describes what I intended to write about when I started blogging in June 2013. My purpose has changed since then. My interest in photography has been kindled (or rekindled?) and I am more interested in posting photos, writing about gratitude, my blessings, the (mostly simple) events in and of life. More interested in writing about these things than politics, current events, even baseball.

And I would like to ask you, my readers: What would you like to see, to read about? Can I improve?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.