A thought

Sometimes we get caught up in the frenzy of the moment. Sometimes we need to step back, look at and consider the larger picture.

No matter the outcome of the US election, however all of the thousands of contests turn out, no matter when the contest for president is decided, tonight – or tomorrow, or whenever – the United States will still exist. As will its citizens.

As will fields, sky, mountains, trees, birds.

Life will go on.


Winter scene

You may recall that I photographed this tree last fall and Faye suggested visiting it during succeeding seasons. Today was a good day to visit in winter, and look at it from a slightly different angle. It was perhaps the most wintry day of the season so far. A light blanket of snow drapes the cornfield; the only thing I could not capture was the -9C temperature and roughly -15C wind chill. Winter, indeed.

I will revisit sometime in the spring.

DSCF7785 - Copy

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